Huber Breaker

Huber Breaker also known as the Ashley Breaker located in Ashley, Pennsylvania. The breaker was sold for scrap and will be torn down this year in 2014.

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  1. WolfgangWolfgang01-10-2014

    I love the picture composition, the light and details. Great work!

  2. oldshutterhandoldshutterhand01-10-2014

    Fascinating minimalistic coloring with a lot of glow.

  3. Roland TheysRoland Theys01-10-2014

    Wonderful composition ,good Work!

  4. buntagphotobuntagphoto01-10-2014

    That’s a cool looking urban ruin. Like the glint of light caught in the windows.

  5. jean pierre ajean pierre a01-11-2014

    composition, couleurs, lumière et traitement superbe!! amitiés

  6. GinnieGinnie01-11-2014

    OMG, John. WOWSER!

  7. ArndArnd01-11-2014

    Excellent capture of urban decay! The ravages of time have obviously left their marks here.

  8. HarryHarry01-12-2014

    Wonderful shot, great processing.

  9. joshi danieljoshi daniel01-12-2014

    looks very dramatic and nice :)

  10. CrashRyanCrashRyan01-13-2014

    cool structure …. good thing you got there before it disappeared

  11. Anita BowerAnita Bower01-13-2014

    The darkness of the image fits the subject perfectly. Great leading lines and reflections in the windows.

  12. tomtom01-18-2014

    Fantastic work!

  13. LuizaLuiza01-28-2014

    Cool capture. Love it!

  14. JoëlleJoëlle01-28-2014

    Une vraie oeuvre d’art, de toute beauté compliments !

  15. rianrian01-29-2014

    not sure how much they sold it for, but they’l l get a bunch of scrap material from that one, nice catch.

  16. CélineCéline02-03-2014

    Gorgeous capture!

  17. rem_larem_la02-03-2014

    sinistre comme j’aime

  18. RadelRadel02-16-2014

    Hey John :) hope your well. I certainly missed your images.
    another stunning one. I expected nothing less.

  19. JoëlleJoëlle02-26-2014

    Une belle atmosphère un traitement de qualité tout est bien en place compliments !

  20. CrashRyanCrashRyan03-10-2014

    like a mechanical octopus reaching in all directions ….!!!

  21. Olivier RaultOlivier Rault03-19-2014

    Splendide John :) )

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