Deep Forest Waterfalls

Deep Forest Waterfalls, one of my favorite waterfalls shots.

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  1. AnnaAnna12-30-2011

    John your waterfalls are always so magical. I am definitely late for Christmas, but not for a new year. Wishing you and yours and your little Jenna happy new year 2012. All the best, love and peace. We are doing fine and Matthew is growing really fast (will be signing up for school soon). I continue to photograph, just I have been heavily focused on my town, and planning to do more architectural photography in the next year as we have plenty here. I am planning to purchase new lenses, and I have not decided which one will get first, but I am looking for a good Canon macro lens, and also something good for architecture not sure what zoom I need yet. I only have one good Canon lens 100-400mm which I continue to use for birding, and actually works well to photograph Matthew. Sorry for not getting to you for Christmas. We fell behind with everything, as three of us got sick with stomach flu (1st me, then Matthew and then my husband). We lost one whole week, a week we did nothing just take care of each other. Sick not sick, we enjoyed being together that week. John hope all is well otherwise, and again Happy New Year. Anna :)

  2. Ronnie 2¢Ronnie 2¢12-30-2011

    What a staggering sight this makes . . we need sound with these, John !

  3. FridaFrida12-30-2011

    John your water images always takes my breath away. Happy Creative New Year!

  4. BernardoBernardo12-30-2011

    Una imagen espectacular con un efecto seda genial.

    Felices fiestas y feliz año nuevo 2012.


  5. MarcieMarcie12-30-2011

    The light in this is so exquisitely beautiful!! Wishing you a new year filled with creativity and light. Happy..happy!

  6. HarryHarry12-30-2011

    One of your favorite subjects, rendered beautifully. Quite lovely.

  7. DonDon12-30-2011

    I can see why this one is a favorite. This waterfall picture has a marvelous pattern and a water flow that is so attractive. This represents a masterful use of the camera, your experience, and technical skill to come up with such a superb image!

  8. Klaudia JKlaudia J12-30-2011

    really beautiful shot …

  9. sherrisherri12-30-2011

    the overlapping lines of the water pouring over the rocks is fantastic.

  10. SharonSharon12-31-2011

    Oh, John, how beautiful. The luminosity of the water is gorgeous.


  11. KrunalKrunal01-01-2012


  12. Pavan KaulPavan Kaul01-01-2012

    All the ingredients of a classic John Maslowski frame!! Brilliant…and a great 2012 to you John:)

  13. GinnieGinnie01-01-2012

    As we all know, John, this is SO YOU! Here’s to many more in 2012. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  14. AstridAstrid01-01-2012

    Wonderful picture, love the waterfalls. Great picture of the front of the store at Halloween, I can tell you had lots of fun with that one.
    Fabulous tones and treatment.
    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

  15. joshi danieljoshi daniel01-01-2012

    magical and a silky feel! happy new year :)

  16. rianrian01-01-2012

    sure looks beautiful.. a happy new year to you!

  17. Beauty in slow motion :-)
    Happy New Year!

  18. ChristopherChristopher01-02-2012

    Simply beautiful John–I can see why this is a favorite spot.

  19. RobRob01-02-2012

    Stunningly beautiful!

  20. Mathilde CollotMathilde Collot01-03-2012

    Happy new year John, I wish another beautiful year of division(sharing) it is always a real pleasure to discover the beauty of your images!

  21. fabriziofabrizio01-03-2012

    let me say this is an impressive work, majestic treatment happy 2012 my friend

  22. Chris CardelliChris Cardelli01-03-2012

    To say that this is yet another impressive image, well, I’d be repeating myself. It’s awesome. There are so many challenges to photographing waterfalls to begin with. This simply is other worldly.

  23. MarcMarc01-04-2012

    This waterfall and the lines of the water is so beautiful. Great shot! Best wishes for the year to come!

  24. MatsMats01-04-2012

    Very nice shot indeed, great lines and depth. Stunning really.

  25. Klaudia JKlaudia J01-04-2012

    magical work, great light and compo …

  26. Michael RawlukMichael Rawluk01-06-2012

    That is so very cool. I love those fine lines of water.

  27. TedeTede01-06-2012

    Enchanting, magical, superb, words fail me !!!!! Good day.

  28. WillWill01-06-2012

    I think I can almost feel the water moving on these waterfalls, once again and beautiful scene you have captured here John. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing your nature pics.

  29. Anita BowerAnita Bower01-06-2012

    The falling water is gorgeous in this image.

  30. RolfRolf01-06-2012

    As usual, you offer a magical picture for us visitors. Wonderful image.

  31. Mike PaulisonMike Paulison01-07-2012

    Fabulous John. Always…. Fabulous!

  32. t. becquet. becque01-07-2012

    This is one of the best waterfall photos I’ve seen. It’s very beautiful. Nicely done.

  33. SusanSusan01-07-2012

    This really is just amazing…a gorgeous image. Happy New Year!

  34. ArndArnd01-07-2012

    What a gorgeous soft and silky scene! Great shot – outstanding and delightful!

  35. DonDon01-09-2012

    A fine shot and processing to come up with a picture that shows the tractor and the mayhem left behind. Nice one… very well done.

  36. noelnoel01-09-2012

    Awesome work you done John ,very beautiful picture

  37. tomtom01-09-2012

    Wow. Really like this one. The softness of the water generated by the long exposure is awesome.

  38. Jack LarsonJack Larson01-09-2012

    Excellent composition. Perfect shutter speed.

  39. missparismissparis01-10-2012

    Elle est sublime ta photo

  40. Lovely – I particularly like the three water lines on the right, they make me feel like I am looking through a waterfall.

  41. Anita BowerAnita Bower02-08-2012

    This waterfall image has a dreamy look and feel!

  42. LindsayLindsay03-27-2012

    Looking at this image, makes me feel like I am wrapped in softness and the water has taken a rest from the turbulent times. It’s welcoming, like one could sleep behind the falls cradled in the softness you have created in this photograph. I’d love to share this one, but don’t know if that would be an infringement.

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